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Vaccinations and Examinations

Not all vaccines are created equal.  We will explain the differences and customize a regiment that will protect your pet from the very real risks that each individual faces according to that individuals exposure potential.


Question: “My cat doesn’t go outside, why does he need distemper vaccine?”

Answer:  “Cat distemper vaccine that we use contains protection from distemper, rhino trachitis, chlamydia, calici, and virulent strength calici virus.  All are air born and highly contagious.  Any person or pet that has come in contact with an infected animal can easily pass it on to your pet.”

Other examples:  Does your dog drink from a lake, pond, or stream?  If it does, it would be wise to vaccinate for Leptosprosis, a bacteria from wild animals urine that contaminates water.  It can cause kidney failure and is contagious to people as well.

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